Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Are You On The List?

While browsing today on Facebook, I came across this website.  The information on this website might be of interest to those of us who wish to see America a nation that God can bless again.  Just that alone will put us all on the list.  But take a look at the list and see if you fit in any of the other categories.  What is the list?  It is who our current government sees as potential terrorists. 

72 Types of Americans That Are Considered Potential Terrorists 

It's a sad commentary on our nation that we have come to such a listing.  I would be willing to guess that almost everyone in this country could find themselves on at least one level of this list.  It is frightening to consider that our government could turn against the citizens of this country.  But it is happening all around us and at rates that are astounding.  Obviously this has been building over the last few decades at least, but for it to have come so far so quickly in the past decade alone could mean that the next few years will bring changes none of us wants.

Again, this is a definite call for prayer.  We need to pray for our nation, its leaders, and all of its citizens.  We need to pray for protection through this coming storm.  We also need to pray for our family members and loved ones who may be caught up in the deception the government is trying to perpetrate on the American people.  Those of us who believe what the Bible teaches us about the coming Great Tribulation certainly do not want our loved ones to have to face that horrible time period without God.  We wait now on the Rapture of the believers in Christ but we know that there will possibly be those we love who are left behind.  For them we pray that they will still somehow find the truth of Jesus Christ and be saved so that when Jesus returns and judges the world, they will be found worthy to spend eternity with Christ.  

The Great Tribulation is going to be so terrible that such has never happened in this world before.  Many who find their way to Christ during that time will be murdered, beheaded for the cause of the antichrist.  We don't want our loved ones to have to face that or any of the other horrible things that are about to happen.  But more than this, we don't want anyone we love to be lost in the fires of the bottomless pit.  We are being called on by God to pray as we have never prayed before.  If the Lord calls you to fast, then fast as you have never fasted before.  Time is very short and getting shorter by the moment.

While we really want America to somehow pull through and be the America we remember from years past, the America that blesses God and that God blesses, we may not stand a chance at this point.  America is losing her political friends very quickly while at the same time the citizens of America are losing our protection that God sheltered us with for generations.  We need to pray that we are all ready for when the Lord returns, by the great gathering up of the believers both dead and alive in Christ, and by the full coming of the Lord when He stands on the Mount of Olives for the entire world to see.

We need to not be so worried about if we are on the government's list of potential terrorists and make sure, instead, that our names are in the Lamb's Book of Life.  Are you on the list?

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