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Do You Know Your Rights?

This post is about educating America again concerning our individual rights as citizens of this country.  It is about reminding us of what the Constitution of the United States of America actually says, including the Bill of Rights.  Now, to make this part clear, you are going to have to do the research yourself.  I am giving you a few places to start, but it is up to you, as a citizen, to find out for yourself what your rights are.  You see, it is your right to find out just as it is your right to totally ignore this post altogether.  Yeh, I know.  We don't really want to have to go back to high school/junior high school to our history and government classes all over again.  They were boring enough as it was, right?  There is a reason that we had to take those courses in school, and if you are young enough right now that maybe what you have been taught does not resemble what you are hearing online, understand that in the most recent generations, the history and government textbooks were gradually changed to fit in with current political propaganda.  You may seriously want to take the time to go to your local library while you still can and read the older books to know the truth.  Back in the 1980's we learned that this was happening in the schools and since then it has only gotten worse.  So, please, if you are a young person reading this (35 and under) go to your library and find out for yourself.  In fact this would not be a bad idea for anyone of any age who wants a refresher course in American history and government.

Okay, so let's get started.  The first section I am going to post here for you are links to the US Constitution.  I can give you the links, but I cannot make you go to the sites.  Just know that this is important for all of us.  There is a great battle going on in America today where one group is saying the Constitution is the Law of the Land and another group that is saying that it isn't the law.  One group is saying that our governmental officials have to follow the Constitution and the other group just is not sure.  Then there are all those in the middle who are just confused and fed up with the whole thing.  Please do not be part of the group in the middle.  Get to know your Constitution well.  Get to know your rights.  Then decide what you believe about this country and what is happening today.  For right now, you still have that right.  You have the right to decide for yourself.  You have the right to study and learn the truth rather than allowing others to force feed their truth to you.  That includes me, by the way.  You don't have to listen to my opinions.  Check it out yourself.

United States Constitution

This link breaks down the Constitution into individual sections. 

This is the "Official" governmental site for the Constitution. 

Front and center, the Constitution is right here easy to read. 

Here you will find Wikipedia's breakdown of the Constitution. 

The Bill of Rights

The "Official" site of The Bill of Rights is here. 

The Bill of Rights with the First Amendment starting on the third paragraph with the First Amendment. 

A very good site for the Bill of Rights which is the first 10 amendments. 

What Wikipedia says about The Bill of Rights. 

At this point, you might want to start asking yourself whether the government is supposed to serve the people, or if the people are supposed to serve the government.  Then ask yourself what is actually happening in the US right now.  Which one is in charge currently?

Do you remember studying about The Federalist Papers when you were in school?  Written by several of our country's founders, the essays here tell you much of what was on the minds of our forefathers.  Here are some links for you to look into yourself.  You might find these interesting, particularly where they speak of what tyranny is, what a tyrant is, and what our government and Constitution does to prevent tyrants from taking control.  Then ask yourself why at this time in history is there such a battle over the Constitution and why people consider Obama a tyrant?

The Federalist Papers

The Federalist Papers

The Federalist Papers Facebook Page

The Federalist Papers explained on Wikipedia

Just for some added interest since this is such a huge problem in America today, let's look at the "Separation of Church and State" issue for a moment.  Again, I will give you some links to check out for yourself as well as advise you to do your own research.  But first, let's take a look at what the First Amendment actually says.  If you did your homework above, this won't be difficult.  

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Let's break it down a bit.  

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion...just what does this mean.  As you will learn if you check the links I will provide here, this comes from the reason why the Pilgrims came to America in the first place.  England had their own government-established religion and required all citizens to conform to that religion (as you see still happens in many countries today.)  The Pilgrims left England to be able to worship God the way they wanted to and not have it forced on them by the government.  So this portion of the amendment says that this government of the US cannot declare any religion to be the religion of the country.

What does the second part of this mean..." or prohibiting the free exercise thereof?"  This means that Congress, i.e. government cannot interfere with how we as citizens interpret what our beliefs tell us to do, how to worship, what or where to teach our children, or anything else concerning how we follow our faith.  The government has no right at all to tell us what we can or cannot do when following what we believe God wants us to do.

So where did this "Separation of Church and State" terminology come from and why has it been so misconstrued?  This is where you will need to do your own homework.  I've given you the places to start below.  Beyond that, check it out further on your own.  Then when you have finished, ask yourself whether or not you believe our government has overstepped its bounds where this portion of the First Amendment is concerned.  (After that, you could continue on with the First Amendment to see if you think freedom of speech and freedom of the press is being infringed upon.)

The history of "Separation of Church and State" 

Prager University video explains the First Amendment and Separation of Church and State 

While you are researching this issue, you might want to research for yourself what happened to the Christian church once the IRS was created.  Please do your research, but in the meantime, you might enjoy this bit of humorous explanation to point you in the right direction.   

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