Monday, October 14, 2013

Taking Back America--What's Next?

A month ago nearly 1 million motorcyclists from across the country flooded the streets of Washington, D.C. to let our government know that we the people are not happy with what they are doing to this country.  This past weekend, thousands upon thousands of independent truckers blocked traffic in the nation's capital for the same reason, with the additional message that we want Obama out of the White House.  Also over the weekend, particularly yesterday, Republican politicians joined thousands of American veterans as they held a peaceful demonstration at the WWII Memorial and other memorials as well.  They collectively removed the barricades set up because of Obama's partial shutdown of the government and peacefully marched them to the White House.  Police showed up, some in riot gear and some in regular uniforms to maintain the peace.  It was an unnecessary show of force, but I can understand the thought that this crowd of dissatisfied citizens might get out of control.  But guess what?  Our vets know how to behave themselves as do our Republican politicians that showed up in support. However, one video showed that demonstrators were crowding around the police until they basically "forced" the police to leave.  I did not personally agree with that method and would rather have preferred to see the demonstrators continue on with what they wee doing even though the police were there to make sure peace was maintained.  On the other hand, the actions taken by the demonstrators did make it clear that the police were not needed, especially in riot gear.

Now we come to today.  What's next?  Will our American citizens continue to make it publicly known that we do not want Obama in the White House and that it is time for him to be impeached?  Okay, so what if the House of Representatives does go ahead and impeach Obama?  What happens after that?  Well, then it goes to the Senate for their vote.  Seeing as how the Senate has supported Obama through most, if not all, of his ridiculous decisions, it is hard to imagine that they will follow through and oust the President.  President Bill Clinton was impeached yet he never had to leave office.  So what do we do now that so many have already made a show of how we feel?

My suggestion is that there be an offline network across the country where patriots can remain informed as to what is going on.  The way things are going in this country right now with all the illegal surveillance of internet, cell phones, and more, we really need a way of communicating with each other that is not so easily traced.  But the real question right now is, "What is going on in my own community to get organized as Patriots who want to take our country back?"  Maybe in your city or town there are various groups scattered here and there, but are they connected in any way?  Is there communication between the groups?  If not, maybe this is the time to set up some kind of communication methods.  Once the local communities are connected, then connect to the other groups within the state.  Then get the groups from each state connected to each other.  

The problem here is that even while you have people joining these groups of Patriots, you will still have those in your communities who agree with you but who do not want to be involved.  Right now, more than at any other time, numbers count!  Peaceful protests can be happening all over the nation right now to make it known to our local, state, and national governments that we are fed up with the tyranny and we are not going to take it anymore.  Organize town hall meetings and then make sure as many as possible are in attendance.  Connect with other towns into joint meetings so people do not feel so isolated in their disagreement with our government.  Right now, isolation can keep people subservient to the illegal laws being passed because of fear that they have no support.  The Obama administration does not want citizens to take a group stand such as this because they know that they cannot use fear and intimidation against us if we are joined together.  This is what we need to do next to make it clear to Obama and to each other that we are not standing here alone.  We are still the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and we will not allow fear and intimidation continue to divide us.

Another thing to be done offline is to start letter-writing campaigns as well as getting petitions written and signed by hand rather than electronically.  It is one thing to use email and online petitions, but it is something else to literally flood politicians offices with paper mail and to show up with petitions filled with thousands of hand-written signatures. It may be easier to do all this electronically, but the effect would not be as great.  It is just too easy for politicians and their assistants to "accidentally delete" all those electronic entries.  But the impact of boxes and bags of snail mail letters and petitions would be much harder to ignore.  We can also flood their phone lines with phone calls.  They want to shut down our government then we can shut down their phone lines and offices with calls and letters.

Yes the government already does know how we feel.  What they don't yet know is how strongly we hold to these beliefs that what they are doing to us is wrong.  All through history there have been times when governments know how their constituents feel but when those constituents take no action in protest, the governments know that they are free to continue doing what they were doing regardless of public opinion.  The House of Representatives know we want Obama out of office.  The Senate knows it to, and they also know it is up to them to follow through and enforce the actions of the House should the House decide to impeach Obama. So what does that tell us we need to do?  Not only do we need to continue to let our Representatives know what we want, but we also have to put appropriate pressure on our Senators.  They may think they have a permanent place in the Senate until they realize that we are the voters who put them into office and we can also remove them from office at the next election.  You do not have to be of the same party to contact your Representatives and Senators. They are YOUR Representatives and Senators regardless of whether you are a registered voter or not.  

This brings another thing to mind that will really draw attention.  Imagine the headlines (or not considering these current trends in the media) should there be a sudden increase in voter registrations!  So if you are not currently registered to vote, get out there and register now!  The sooner the better.  We all know that there are thousands of citizens in this country who do not take part in one of our greatest American rights -- the right to vote.  We also know that politicians are adept at writing legislation in terms that the common voter does not understand which makes voting difficult as well as discouraging to the voters.  But get registered anyway.  Just the huge increase in registrations will show politicians that we mean business and that if they do not listen to us, they will not be in office much longer.

So there you have some ideas on what we can do next.  In a nutshell, get connected.  Find and join local Patriot groups.  Connect your groups to neighboring groups.  Break down the isolation.  Connect.  Organize Town Hall meetings and keep at it.  Organize joint meetings between two or more towns.  Maybe whole county-wide meetings.  Speak out and let your local officials know what you want and expect from them since they get paid by your taxes.  Start a personal letter-writing campaign and branch out to groups.  Write and sign petitions.  Call your Representatives and Senators.  And maybe most important of all, get out there and register to vote if you are not already registered.  Make sure your address is updated as well.  Let the government know that you will not stand silently in the background any longer while they destroy our country.

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