Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What To Watch For Especially If You Do Not Believe That Jesus Christ is Lord.

Things are about to happen in the world that those outside of the believers in Jesus Christ (and even some of us believe differently about some of the events and their timing) do not think could ever be possible.  Things like millions of people around the world just suddenly disappearing leaving cars, trains, boats, and airplanes without drivers/pilots, as well as other scenarios where someone you were just talking with has simply vanished.  Just like Star Trek where people could be “beamed up” Jesus Christ is coming to take those who believe in Him and have accepted Him as their Lord and Savior to be with Him.  You may even see graves opened up but I am not sure of what all will be visible.  When Jesus was crucified graves of hundreds of believers opened up and the people came forth and were seen my many others over the next several days and weeks.  So whether you will see the graves open up at this time as well, I don’t know but we are told that the dead in Christ will rise to Him first before those of us still alive meet Him in the air.  There is now no other prophecy that has to happen before this Rapture occurs.  It could happen at any time now.  The wars predicted that are happening now in Ezekiel 38, Isaiah 17 and 19, and Psalms 83, and other places could continue to escalate before the Rapture, but they don’t have to.  The Rapture could happen before you finish reading this.  Or it could still be a year or two or more away, but I don’t think it will be that long.
These are things to be watching for around the world.  When you see these things happening, and many of them are already happening now, know that what I am telling you is the truth.  Find a Bible somewhere before it becomes outlawed to own one and read it.
Some of these things have already happened or are happening now but were prophesied over 2000 years ago and even prophesied since the beginning.
1.       Israel became a nation once again and Jerusalem in the hands of the Jews.  Prophesied in the Old Testament Ezekiel 37 and other locations as well as by Jesus Himself when He spoke of the Fig Tree in Luke 21:29.  In fact the entire chapter of Luke 21 is good in showing you the things predicted by Jesus Christ of the time of His return to earth.  The fig tree is symbolic of the nation of Israel and He said that the generation that is alive at that time it becomes a nation again would not pass away before He returned.  The people born in 1948 are 65 years old this year.  It will not be long before the last one has died.  Jesus will return before that happens.
2.       Ezekiel 38, Psalm 83, Isaiah 17, and Isaiah 19 (and others) are happening right now.  Never before in history have these prophecies been so aligned in time as they are right now.  When you see the city of Damascus, which has been conquered in various times in history but never totally destroyed and made unlivable, become a “ruinous heap” and uninhabitable, you know that the time is here.
3.       Read up about the historical appearances of the blood moon tetrad.  It is an extremely rare celestial event and the only times in the past 500 years that it has occurred has been in 1492, 1947-48, 1967-68, and now to happen in 2014-2015.  Each of these times in history have been connected to something important in Jewish history.  In 1492 the Jews were thrown out of Spain and Columbus discovered America which then became a refuge for Jews everywhere around the world until they could reestablish their nation of Israel.  In 1947-48 was the time when they were brought by God back into their land of Israel.  In 1967-68 was the Six-Day War when Jerusalem was once again in the hands of the Jews.  All of these things were prophesied thousands of years ago.  Now they are appearing again in 2014-2015 and you can bet your life on the fact that they have something to do with the Jews once again.  The next thing to happen with the Jews is…
4.       The rebuilding of the Jewish temple.  You will see this happen in your lifetime whether you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior or whether you continue to stand in unbelief.
5.       There will come on the political scene a leader who is so charismatic and is able to deceive the world so that he becomes the leader of the entire world.  He will establish a “covenant” (Daniel 9:27) between Israel and her enemies for a 7 year period and this happens while the world is saying “peace and security” which it is even now saying.  You can hear this in almost every politician’s speeches around the world right now.
6.       This leader will (#4) allow the Jews to rebuild the temple and after 3 ½ years he will break the covenant by setting himself up either himself or an image or both in that temple and declaring himself to be God.
7.       This leader will have the “power” to deceive the masses with miracles and lying wonders probably which all will be technologically created.  He will have been fatally wounded and recovered which will also cause the masses to worship him.
8.       This leader will cause every person in the world to receive a special mark on their right hands or their foreheads that they will not be able to buy or sell anything without.  Christians have been watching for this to come about for generations and now the technology is here to make that happen both in the ability to register every single human being in the world, and to make it so that they cannot buy or sell anything without being marked.  If you research about how jungle tribes that have previously not even been known about are being found today (thanks in large part to Google Earth) so that even they can be counted and marked, you can see this happening before your eyes.
9.       There will come two witnesses and the entire world will be able to see them.  Years ago we could not understand how this could even be possible…in times prior to the internet and satellites.  But now with the internet seeing things happen around the world at the exact time they are happening is taken for granted as the norm.  These two witnesses will come to tell the world that they have one last chance to accept the salvation of Jesus Christ before He returns and sets up His Kingdom on earth at which time it will be too late to be saved.  The world will try to kill these witnesses but it will not happen until it is the time ordained by God to happen and then they will be killed and left in the street for days before their bodies are gone and the world will view their bodies and rejoice.
10.   The Great Tribulation will last 7 years, the first half of which will appear to be going well with this charismatic world leader.  The second half will include the worst events in history including plagues, weather events,  earthquakes, wild animals and insects attacking, and much, much more including the possibility of world-wide nuclear attacks.  Some of the prophesies of the Bible describe things that could only happen with nuclear warfare which prior to this being developed in the world made these predictions seem totally impossible.  Things like the sores on the bodies from the radiation, skin peeling off the bodies like it is melting, and much more.
11.   The world leader, called the antichrist and possessed by satan, will call for everyone to receive his mark and those who refuse and are captured will be beheaded. The Jews will know at this time that this leader is not their Messiah and they will flee into a special hiding place provided for them from centuries before where they will stay safe until the return of the true Messiah, Jesus Christ.
12.   At the end of the 7 years Jesus will return standing on the Mount of Olives which will split in two at that point and will be seen by the entire world (internet).  At this time He and those he took with Him in the Rapture will reign upon the earth for 1000 years.  There will be great war before His return and when He comes back that war will end and everyone on earth will bow and realize that He is the Lord.  At the end of the 1000 years during which time He will have satan bound and powerless, He will release satan for a brief time and then He will cast satan into the bottomless pit in chains.  Jesus will also judge all the people and those who do not follow Him will also be cast into the pit with satan.
All of these things will happen.  The reason you see Christians telling people about Jesus is because Jesus commanded it.  Jesus wants as many to be saved from this terrible event as possible and saved from the bottomless pit.  People are free to come and go, to listen or not listen.  We do not force our faith on anyone but will tell anyone who is willing to listen so that they might also believe and be saved.  Jesus told us that the world would hate us just as it hated Him.  We know what the world thinks of us.  Jesus gave His life in payment for our sin debt because there is no human way possible to pay that debt.  God is so Holy that there is nothing we can do to make things right.  But God loved us so much that He, Himself, came to earth as a man so that He could pay that debt for us.  It is like someone being convicted to life in prison but a friend takes that sentence upon himself instead.  It’s even more.  God doesn’t want puppets who believe simply because He created us to do so.  He gave all humans the freedom of choice to believe or not, to do right or do wrong.  He wants us to love Him out of our free will.  But even if we choose not to love Him, He still loves us and wants us to come to Him.  The gift of salvation is just that, a free gift.  He offers it with outstretched hands.  But each of us is free to turn away and not accept that gift.  Those who accept it are changed from the inside out, the old man dies and the new man comes to life.  Once you accept it, you know in ways the world cannot know that Jesus truly is the Messiah.
You have this choice right now and will continue to have this choice right up until there is no time left.  As long as you never accept that mark, you have a chance to be saved.  If the Rapture occurs before you choose to believe, it will be much harder as there will be a lot of deception on the earth like you have never seen before.  But once you accept the mark (it is a sign of worship of the antichrist—who of course will not say he is the antichrist but will claim to be the true savior of the world) it will then be too late to save you.  There is even talk now that this mark, possibly a computer chip implant, will have something in it that will begin to change human DNA into something else.  Check into The Singularity that is becoming so popular lately.  There is a book, a “university” and more and even Google is involved in this, to make mankind better than it is, by merging humans with machines.  If this happens, will these new “creations” even have a soul???  No matter what happens, do not let yourself be marked.  But if you will give Jesus a chance, choose Him now while you still have time.

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