Sunday, December 1, 2013

Someone Telling The Truth

What does America need in these days?  We have so much dishonesty in the country and in the world today.  It appears that even our President cannot seem to tell the truth.  I believe that what America needs today especially if we want God to bless us again, is someone telling the truth.  Maybe that someone is Paul Washer.  I just came across this video earlier tonight and want to share it.  This is the kind of preaching I used to know and have been looking for for years now.  Where has it gone?  Why have we become a nation of watered down gospel?  Why don't preachers tell the whole truth anymore?  Where is this kind of preaching these days?  Social gospel isn't going to cut it with Christ.  But this??? This could bring true revival to the nation.  People out there are so hungry for truth.  People are hungry for the love of God and the truth of God even when they are not aware of it.  We need more Paul Washer-type preachers in this country.  We need more preachers and evangelists who will stand up and speak out even on the streets like they used to.  There is too much fear of being mocked and ridiculed.  I'm guilty of that fear myself.  But over the years I have realized that I just do not fit in with the current church trend.  I am different than so many, not because I am better than they are.  No, I am not even close to being better than anyone else.  But I want to see people really saved again.  I have not seen this in so long that it now seems almost foreign to me.  But I have craved for it and longed for it.  Now God has led me to this video to start with.  I pray the Holy Spirit will open your hearts and minds and eyes to His Truth.

Paul Washer's Shocking Youth Message

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